Apple shy of Linux?

You've all seen the ads.

"Hi, I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC."

The old-fashioned PC winds up crashing or freezing, leaving the hip, cool Mac standing there looking pleased with himself.

Terminology aside, (it's "Windows PC" -- there are lots of PC OSes) Apple is ignoring what is fast becoming a major competitor: Linux.

I haven't seen an Apple ad that even goes so far as to mention Linux. Why? Because they can't compete. Think I'm kidding? What are all the things Apple hypes?

OS X has a pretty slick user interface. Linux has a cooler one.

OS X is easy to use. So is GNOME.

OS X is stable and doesn't get viruses. Neither does Linux.

Hardware just works on a Mac. A good share does on Linux too. GNOME even mounts removable media that I plug in, just like OS X does.

Oh, and Linux is free. Including all of the software the average desktop user needs.

And that's why Apple ignores Linux. If they brought it up, people would get curious about it, look into it, then wonder why they forked over three grand to Apple when they could have installed Linux on the box that they already have. It's the same reason why companies that demo their audio codec against competitors' never include Ogg Vorbis: because it's better than theirs, and it's free to boot.