Yet another monolithic update

I need to get into the habit of blogging more often. I haven't even been twittering much lately...

You've probably noticed the visual update to my blog by now. I got tired of the default Wordpress theme. I had to tweak this one a bit to get it to behave the way I want, but overall it's pretty nice. A few weeks ago I added the live chat widget as well, which so far has attracted comments from exactly two people. Come on, I know there's more of you out there!

My new job is going well. The current project I'm working on is a migration script to fix some datetimes that may have been incorrectly converted to GMT. If you've done any programming around timezone conversions, you'll know it's a blast! ... Ok, it's not that bad. It's actually kind of fun, in a weird way.

On the "my projects" front, I've converted the OpenVP Subversion repository to two separate Git repositories, and created a third for the metadata pipeline project. Check them out on Gitorious.

I've started playing Black & White on my lunch break. The voice acting is a little iffy, but the gameplay is good after you figure out what you're doing. (Which, ironically, doesn't happen until you leave the tutorial island.) Oh, and I got the Metroid Prime Trilogy for Wii. I've only played the first on GameCube, but absolutely loved it. Can't wait to tackle the two sequels.

That's all for now.