New blog software

I have been migrating my primary server from VPS.NET to Linode because I can get better specs for the same rate as well as Linode having considerably (5-6x) better disk I/O performance. One of the goals of this migration was to avoid deploying Apache or MySQL on the new server. I have been trying to stick to nginx and PostgreSQL for a variety of reasons, and I really don't want two database servers running.

To that end, I've had to dump Wordpress since the only officially-supported database server is MySQL, and PostgreSQL support doesn't seem to be a priority. Nobody is actively working on it from what I can see. (There was some discussion around supporting PostgreSQL, but that was seven years ago, and the history of the Using Alternative Databases page on the Codex shows that interest apparently declined in 2008.)

The replacement I've chosen is Pelican, which is a static blog generator. This significantly lowers the bar for dependencies, as the hosting environment needs only support serving static files.

It does mean that comments are not something I get for free, but Pelican does support comments via Disqus. I have been working on importing existing comments, but until that work is complete I will be leaving comment support disabled.