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  1. VandalSniper does the watchlist, yo!

    It will only be a short while before all of the tabs in VandalSniper are functional! I've already implemented the change cache, so the recent changes list is refreshed from the last few edits to be seen on IRC. This makes refreshes instant (except for the diff summary).

    Driven ...

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  2. A lost art

    I've written before about how the academic world has frustrated me. The feeling is coming back, only this time related to my major, not the required liberal arts courses. And more related to the students than the professors.

    I realize this is a dangerous thing to say, as many ...

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  3. Affe

    Introducing my new CLI language, Affe. While not exactly flexible, the language will be useful to me.

    Since the goal was to have an expression-evaluating language that targets DynamicMethod instead of Assembly, it's not used the same way most other languages are. It cannot be used to define subroutines ...

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  4. Affe evolves (Get it? It's a pun.)

    Well, the plan was to have Affe be a simple language. I guess it still is, but I've been adding support for many C-style language features and tweaking other features over the past day. Specifically, the following:

    • Added if/else support, with the same nesting rules as C.
    • Added ...

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  5. Affe update

    Lately I've taken to hacking Affe quite a bit. Just a quick list of a few changes:

    • Value types can now be the target of invocations.
    • A value type will be automatically boxed when being cast to an interface that it implements.
    • Any object type can now be unboxed ...
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  6. Almost there

    After a few hours of hacking using a wigdet that Michael and a few others pointed me at, I now have a working Banshee.OpenVP extension!

    Banshee.OpenVP screenshot

    Much work still remains to be done, but what I have is a pretty stable foundation. Both the OpenVP 0.0.1 branch and ...

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  7. Another one bites the dust

    Seems my computer decided I've hacked enough on WikiBench this week. This morning I smelled something odd, and after checking my email noticed that my CPU temperature was 84C. I usually push 80C when listening to music or watching video, but when it's been idle 50C is more ...

  8. Apple shy of Linux?

    You've all seen the ads.

    "Hi, I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC."

    The old-fashioned PC winds up crashing or freezing, leaving the hip, cool Mac standing there looking pleased with himself.

    Terminology aside, (it's "Windows PC" -- there are lots of PC OSes) Apple is ignoring ...

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