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  1. Bitcoin for Humans series

    Anyone who's been around me recently knows that I love Bitcoin. It's a really neat idea, but it's also a very complicated thing. Most people that I talk to don't really understand how it works and why it was designed the way it was, and therefore ...

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  2. Bluetooth presence detection

    I recently found my USB Bluetooth adapter and have been tinkering with using it to talk to my Palm. I've successfully configured Linux to allow PPP connections over Bluetooth, so I can sync my Palm if I don't have the cradle hooked up.

    But a more interesting use ...

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  3. Book meme at 5:39AM

    • Grab the nearest book.
    • Open it to page 56.
    • Find the fifth sentence.
    • Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
    • Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

    "It is still in dispute whether wars ...

  4. C++ references, continued

    So I got some feedback about my last C++ post. The comment states that references are not pointers, they are just names for another object.

    Sorry for reopening a topic after nearly 6 months. But I cannot stay silent.
    I think you got it wrong. Completely.
    Although a reference might ...

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  5. Cast abuse

    Every so often when reading through some C# code I'll run across the as keyword. Now this is a very nifty feature of C#. Just like the familiar parenthetical cast, it returns the object cast to the new type if it succeeds. However, if it fails then it simply ...

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  6. Cdh.SimpleRpc

    I've got this idea to code some game servers for a series of cooperative games my brother and I used to play as kids. I get similar ideas all the time... how about a game server for this card game or that board game? The problem I run into ...

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  7. Christmas break plans

    It's that time of the year again... when I get to relax after completing finals. It looks like I'm going to pass everything too, which is a pretty big deal since I literally cannot fail any class I'm enrolled in and still graduate in May. So now ...

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