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  1. Why I hate IM contact groups

    Or at least as they are currently implemented. (Rambling rant alert!)

    Almost every IM client on the planet has the concept of a group. You create a group, give it a name, and populate it with your contacts. At first glance, this is useful.

    Having used IM clients since the ...

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  2. VirtualBox

    Okay, I lied. KQEMU is not the only open-source virtualization solution. VirtualBox is another, and is partially GPLed. Features that are attractive to corporate consumers (iSCSI and USB support, among others) are available only in their proprietary product, but the rest (including the required kernel module) are released on their ...

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  3. KQEMU opened!

    The author of QEMU has finally released his previously closed KQEMU accelerator kernel module under the GPL! FOSS people should be very pleased by this; it's the first fully open virtualization system that does not require a CPU providing VT extensions.

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