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  1. New blog software

    I have been migrating my primary server from VPS.NET to Linode because I can get better specs for the same rate as well as Linode having considerably (5-6x) better disk I/O performance. One of the goals of this migration was to avoid deploying Apache or MySQL on the ...

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  2. httpd migration complete

    I've finished the httpd migration process. is now using nginx as its primary httpd, which reverse-proxies to Apache for only a few mod_python and mod_mono web applications. Over the next few weeks, I'll be trying to eliminate Apache entirely.

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  3. httpd and URI-to-site-mapping migration

    Over the next week or so I'll be working on migrating this site from Apache to nginx, as well as altering the way that various URLs map to sites/applications. I will be trying very hard to avoid any service interruptions by fully testing my nginx configuration before replacing ...

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  4. VPS.NET experiences

    I've been using VPS.NET as my hosting provider for two years now (since October 2009). Here's my experience, the good and the bad.

    The building block of the VPS offering is a node: a discrete unit of CPU time, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. These nodes can be ...

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  5. Host configuration

    Switching to a new web host is always fun. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday trying to get the Subversion client and Apache module installed and working. Today I tinkered with Sendmail enough to get it doing what I want.

    Installing Subversion was much more tricky than it seemed ...

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  6. Debian Etch released, layla upgraded

    Etch has finally been released. I have upgraded layla (the server running this blog) from Sarge to Etch, and the upgrade process was pretty smooth. Only a few things needed manual attention.

    Quite surprisingly, there weren't any problems upgrading the kernel to 2.6.18, even though this required ...

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  7. IPv6

    This past week SixXS fixed an issue with AYIYA, allowing me to use the IPv6 tunnel I've had since May. Aiccu established the tunnel quickly, so I moved the installation over to my server and requested a subnet from SixXS. They approved it in short order and now my ...

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