1. VPS.NET experiences

    I've been using VPS.NET as my hosting provider for two years now (since October 2009). Here's my experience, the good and the bad.

    The building block of the VPS offering is a node: a discrete unit of CPU time, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. These nodes can be ...

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  2. What I dislike about C++, part 1: References

    I've started a new job, for those of you who didn't know. I'm now coding C++ daily. My relationship with C++ has been distant, simply because I haven't really ever had a need to use it. However, C and C# are both strong languages of mine ...

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  3. Bitcoin for Humans series

    Anyone who's been around me recently knows that I love Bitcoin. It's a really neat idea, but it's also a very complicated thing. Most people that I talk to don't really understand how it works and why it was designed the way it was, and therefore ...

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  4. Mutable strings in Mono

    Update 2010-12-17: Those of you who saw this post appear and then vanish were not seeing things. The Mono community identified the contents of this blog post as a serious security vulnerability in Moonlight that, through violation of the type system, allows the CoreCLR security layer to be bypassed. Attackers ...

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  5. Why I hate IM contact groups

    Or at least as they are currently implemented. (Rambling rant alert!)

    Almost every IM client on the planet has the concept of a group. You create a group, give it a name, and populate it with your contacts. At first glance, this is useful.

    Having used IM clients since the ...

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  6. git-svn in the workplace

    At work, we use Subversion for source control. This is quite the popular VCS, but I've grown accustomed to (and much prefer) Git. Don't get me wrong, SVN has its advantages, but since using Git my workflow has changed quite radically, and it's difficult to revert to ...

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  7. When FarmVille == Productivity

    Update 2010-02-08: Jonathan Pryor has merged many of my extension methods into [Cadenza][]. I'd strongly suggest checking it out.

    It's no secret to my friends that I love to program... even more so as I've been developing a [FarmVille][] client in C# and having them test it ...

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