1. More visualizations

    I spent some of Tuesday porting some of my older OpenVP visualizations from XML-serialized scripted effect presets to "real" preset classes, and committed them to Banshee.OpenVP. The results:

    Power Core screenshot

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  2. More optimization

    Not creative enough to think of a better title right now...

    I just spent almost two hours hacking away at the Banshee visualization pipeline again and made one very important optimization: when the callback function is null (which happens when nobody in managed land is listening for visualization data) the ...

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  3. Optimizing the visualization pipeline

    So apparently the visualization stuff in Banshee has been disabled since it's a CPU hog. I don't know why I didn't notice it during testing (and I did check) but there seems to be a five-fold increase in CPU utilization with the visualization pipeline running. For me ...

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  4. Almost there

    After a few hours of hacking using a wigdet that Michael and a few others pointed me at, I now have a working Banshee.OpenVP extension!

    Banshee.OpenVP screenshot

    Much work still remains to be done, but what I have is a pretty stable foundation. Both the OpenVP 0.0.1 branch and ...

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  5. Ok, I guess not

    Banshee.OpenVP is on hold indefinitely until a stable GTK+ widget providing an OpenGL context is available. All of the wrappers I have tried have serious issues that prevent this project from even making minimal headway.

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  6. Upcoming goodness

    I've been working with several Banshee people this week and we finally got my patch committed. All this patch does is provide a managed event that acts as a PCM and spectrum data source. While simple, it is a required building block for the upcoming OpenVP extension.

    Right now ...

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