1. C++ references, continued

    So I got some feedback about my last C++ post. The comment states that references are not pointers, they are just names for another object.

    Sorry for reopening a topic after nearly 6 months. But I cannot stay silent.
    I think you got it wrong. Completely.
    Although a reference might ...

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  2. What I dislike about C++, part 1: References

    I've started a new job, for those of you who didn't know. I'm now coding C++ daily. My relationship with C++ has been distant, simply because I haven't really ever had a need to use it. However, C and C# are both strong languages of mine ...

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  3. It's alive!

    After many painful hours of Googling, more Googling, crying, pounding on the desk, and losing my temper in #mono, I have successfully added an ExecuteScript method to jscall, and the corresponding managed binding! With one method call in managed world it is now possible to execute an arbitrary script, passed ...

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  4. Gecko# interaction

    While developing VandalProof, it has become very obvious that being able to interact with the DOM of the displayed page will be vital to achieving the program's goals. At this point, Gecko# does not offer any mechanism by which I can do this.

    I talked with mikalh in #mono ...

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