1. Optimizing the visualization pipeline

    So apparently the visualization stuff in Banshee has been disabled since it's a CPU hog. I don't know why I didn't notice it during testing (and I did check) but there seems to be a five-fold increase in CPU utilization with the visualization pipeline running. For me ...

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  2. Almost there

    After a few hours of hacking using a wigdet that Michael and a few others pointed me at, I now have a working Banshee.OpenVP extension!

    Banshee.OpenVP screenshot

    Much work still remains to be done, but what I have is a pretty stable foundation. Both the OpenVP 0.0.1 branch and ...

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  3. Ok, I guess not

    Banshee.OpenVP is on hold indefinitely until a stable GTK+ widget providing an OpenGL context is available. All of the wrappers I have tried have serious issues that prevent this project from even making minimal headway.

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  4. Upcoming goodness

    I've been working with several Banshee people this week and we finally got my patch committed. All this patch does is provide a managed event that acts as a PCM and spectrum data source. While simple, it is a required building block for the upcoming OpenVP extension.

    Right now ...

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  5. .NET and XPath

    So I'm working on this XPath presentation for my team at work. I was trying to hack up a sample using some of the more interesting XPath functions, like string-join. PHP's DOMXPath throws a fit when I use this function so I cracked open MSDN and saw that ...

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  6. OpenVP under development

    While thinking about how I was going to implement something in Kaffeeklatsch recently, I took a step back and looked at the class structure. What a mess. Over the next few days I drafted a new class structure that would better reflect the goals of the project and make implementation ...

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  7. Tursiops 0.1 released

    As expected, the hacking on Tursiops continued most of last week. I'm a little late getting a release out there, but here it is. The archive contains two folders, one for i386 machines and one for amd64. The copy of Tursiops in each is identical, but the glue library ...

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  8. On CIL and coding

    Is it bad that whenever I code C# I can see exactly the IL that will be produced? Should I start developing with ilasm? Hmm...

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