1. Comcast modem fun

    Well, the Comcast guy showed up today and dropped off the modem self-installation kit. About two or three hours later and it still wasn't working quite right.

    Here is my setup. The modem is plugged into eth0 on a Linux box, and eth1 runs to a switch. Traffic routed ...

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  2. The new Gazebo: a Gtk# interface to FICS

    I've abandoned my idea of creating an AJAX interface for the time being. It is a cool idea but I think I can do much better by writing a proper application.

    The Linux FICS interface scene is rather weak. eboard is about the best there is in terms of ...

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  3. Host configuration

    Switching to a new web host is always fun. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday trying to get the Subversion client and Apache module installed and working. Today I tinkered with Sendmail enough to get it doing what I want.

    Installing Subversion was much more tricky than it seemed ...

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  4. Bluetooth presence detection

    I recently found my USB Bluetooth adapter and have been tinkering with using it to talk to my Palm. I've successfully configured Linux to allow PPP connections over Bluetooth, so I can sync my Palm if I don't have the cradle hooked up.

    But a more interesting use ...

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  5. gnome-terminal cursor

    The latest release of gnome-terminal has removed the ability to disable the blinking cursor, which I had previously turned off. The only way to disable it is to disable blinking cursors in all text entry widgets. For some reason I prefer the cursor in text boxes to blink, but cannot ...

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  6. Tursiops 0.1 released

    As expected, the hacking on Tursiops continued most of last week. I'm a little late getting a release out there, but here it is. The archive contains two folders, one for i386 machines and one for amd64. The copy of Tursiops in each is identical, but the glue library ...

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  7. This week

    All in all this was a pretty good week. My new job has been a lot of fun and it feels good to finally have a job where my skills are being used. The team has been very welcoming and are fun to work with.

    My computer is back alive ...

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