1. Debian Etch released, layla upgraded

    Etch has finally been released. I have upgraded layla (the server running this blog) from Sarge to Etch, and the upgrade process was pretty smooth. Only a few things needed manual attention.

    Quite surprisingly, there weren't any problems upgrading the kernel to 2.6.18, even though this required ...

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  2. VirtualBox

    Okay, I lied. KQEMU is not the only open-source virtualization solution. VirtualBox is another, and is partially GPLed. Features that are attractive to corporate consumers (iSCSI and USB support, among others) are available only in their proprietary product, but the rest (including the required kernel module) are released on their ...

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  3. KQEMU opened!

    The author of QEMU has finally released his previously closed KQEMU accelerator kernel module under the GPL! FOSS people should be very pleased by this; it's the first fully open virtualization system that does not require a CPU providing VT extensions.

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  4. The Fuzz

    Over Christmas break I took a test my mom wanted me to -- one based on finding out what types of things you're good at, not your personality. I came out the strongest in "Ideation" which is defined by the book as the creation of new ideas. Looking back on ...

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  5. Linux "Jailer"

    I've been pondering a project for about a year now, and I may be ready to finally start coding the beast. The basic idea is you run a process in a jail where it's completely isolated from the system, except where you let it interact.

    The interface is ...

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  6. Apple shy of Linux?

    You've all seen the ads.

    "Hi, I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC."

    The old-fashioned PC winds up crashing or freezing, leaving the hip, cool Mac standing there looking pleased with himself.

    Terminology aside, (it's "Windows PC" -- there are lots of PC OSes) Apple is ignoring ...

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  7. Tursiops: Universal trainer for Linux

    One of the things I do miss about Windows is the abundance of universal trainers for it. If you don't know what a trainer is, it's a program that writes over the memory of another process, typically a game, to confuse the program into doing something it wouldn ...

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