1. Upcoming goodness

    I've been working with several Banshee people this week and we finally got my patch committed. All this patch does is provide a managed event that acts as a PCM and spectrum data source. While simple, it is a required building block for the upcoming OpenVP extension.

    Right now ...

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  2. 'Netless update

    A few fun things have been happening, but I've been too busy to write about them. Now that I have time, I've just finished moving into my new house for the summer and won't have Internet access until this Monday (or later if past experience on this ...

    Tagged as : Personal OpenVP
  3. OpenVP under development

    While thinking about how I was going to implement something in Kaffeeklatsch recently, I took a step back and looked at the class structure. What a mess. Over the next few days I drafted a new class structure that would better reflect the goals of the project and make implementation ...

    Tagged as : C# OpenVP

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