1. You don't have signal

    My DSL and phone service is due to be activated today. When I got up I had dialtone, which is a good sign. But a few days ago I had an interesting encounter that was just too humorous not to share.

    On Thursday the DSL modem showed up but since ...

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  2. 'Netless update

    A few fun things have been happening, but I've been too busy to write about them. Now that I have time, I've just finished moving into my new house for the summer and won't have Internet access until this Monday (or later if past experience on this ...

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  3. Things I am tired of

    • Taking liberal arts classes because in someone's opinion that's somehow supposed to make me more of a person.
    • Hearing from every one of my professors that their class is not only directly relevant to my life, but extremely important and that I'll never forget it.
    • Caring about ...
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  4. Painful irony

    This morning I got up and was going to take a hot shower. I started to take off my shirt and in so doing I must've bent my neck funny because I felt a sudden shooting pain near my left shoulder. After I recoiled, the initial sharp pain died ...

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  5. Digital reality?

    During the prayer at the end of chapel today the pastor's voice broke from emotion and she stopped abruptly mid-word. My immediate reaction was "argh, packet loss again!?"

    Yeah. It's that bad.

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  6. This week

    All in all this was a pretty good week. My new job has been a lot of fun and it feels good to finally have a job where my skills are being used. The team has been very welcoming and are fun to work with.

    My computer is back alive ...

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  7. General update

    My computer should be working by the end of the week. Turns out the motherboard is dead, so I'm getting a new system: AMD 64 X2 2.8GHz. $347.24 later and let's hope nothing else fried.

    My right wrist is also not working so well. I'm ...

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