1. Why I hate IM contact groups

    Or at least as they are currently implemented. (Rambling rant alert!)

    Almost every IM client on the planet has the concept of a group. You create a group, give it a name, and populate it with your contacts. At first glance, this is useful.

    Having used IM clients since the ...

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  2. "Erroring off?"

    Has anyone told you that a program is "erroring off" or that some system "errored off?" Occasionally I have the pleasure of receiving such notices and every time it makes me cringe.

    Let me explain something. "Error" is not a verb. You can't error. It's not possible. When ...

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  3. Things I am tired of

    • Taking liberal arts classes because in someone's opinion that's somehow supposed to make me more of a person.
    • Hearing from every one of my professors that their class is not only directly relevant to my life, but extremely important and that I'll never forget it.
    • Caring about ...
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  4. Manhood

    Some of you may know that I celebrated my 21st birthday recently. So I guess I'm legally an adult according to the law, which means that I should be mature enough to choose how much of my time I want to spend drunk. Apparently turning 21 is that life-changing ...

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  5. What's the point...

    If you don't like rants you may not want to read this post. But quite frankly I can't hold it in anymore.

    College has drained me. Not merely to the point of having no energy (when does college not do that) but to the point where I just ...

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  6. The Self-Distancing Christian

    I was reading this blog post from a friend of mine and it got me thinking. Why are Christians (including myself, of course) so ready to completely distance ourselves from society? If we are to make a difference, it will not come about as we rush into evangelistic conversations with ...

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