Git and Banshee.OpenVP fun

Well it's hacking season again. With GNOME's switch from Subversion to Git complete, which means Banshee now uses Git too, it gave me an excuse to finally learn it. This was not fun. But having toughed it out, I can definitely say that I love it.

Now that Banshee is using Git, Aaron is starting work on a branch off of the 1.4 series to incorporate my visualization patch. Wielding my new Git tool belt, I was off and hacking. Taking Gabriel's branch allowing replacement of source widgets, I rebased that from master to stable-vis, fixed the merge conflicts, and started hacking away at Banshee.OpenVP. Unfortunately, not all the pieces I needed were there yet. So I added them and pushed them up to Gitorious. Neat.

Now Banshee.OpenVP looks like this: