OpenVP has landed

Well, if you’ve been waiting for some kind of stable release of OpenVP for Banshee, you will love this. OpenVP is part of the Banshee Community Extensions 1.7.4 release! Go get it, and be sure to file any bugs you come across.

Git and Banshee.OpenVP fun

Well it’s hacking season again. With GNOME’s switch from Subversion to Git complete, which means Banshee now uses Git too, it gave me an excuse to finally learn it. This was not fun. But having toughed it out, I can definitely say that I love it. Now that Banshee is using Git, Aaron is starting…

More visualizations

I spent some of Tuesday porting some of my older OpenVP visualizations from XML-serialized scripted effect presets to “real” preset classes, and committed them to Banshee.OpenVP. The results:

Finished visualization pipeline

Hopefully, anyway. I spent some time this last week (probably over 15 hours total) giving the Banshee visualization pipeline another overhaul. In the process of doing this I finally filed a bug I found in the spectrum GStreamer element that I’ve been trying to work around for a long time. Even though Sebastian was able…

More optimization

Not creative enough to think of a better title right now… I just spent almost two hours hacking away at the Banshee visualization pipeline again and made one very important optimization: when the callback function is null (which happens when nobody in managed land is listening for visualization data) the visualization pipeline is effectively disabled….

Optimizing the visualization pipeline

So apparently the visualization stuff in Banshee has been disabled since it’s a CPU hog. I don’t know why I didn’t notice it during testing (and I did check) but there seems to be a five-fold increase in CPU utilization with the visualization pipeline running. For me, this is an increase from 1-3% to 10-12%…

Almost there

After a few hours of hacking using a wigdet that Michael and a few others pointed me at, I now have a working Banshee.OpenVP extension! Much work still remains to be done, but what I have is a pretty stable foundation. Both the OpenVP 0.0.1 branch and Banshee.OpenVP are available over at the Google Code…

Ok, I guess not

Banshee.OpenVP is on hold indefinitely until a stable GTK+ widget providing an OpenGL context is available. All of the wrappers I have tried have serious issues that prevent this project from even making minimal headway.

Upcoming goodness

I’ve been working with several Banshee people this week and we finally got my patch committed. All this patch does is provide a managed event that acts as a PCM and spectrum data source. While simple, it is a required building block for the upcoming OpenVP extension. Right now I am getting ready for the…

Banshee, meet OpenVP

OpenVP, Banshee. A week or two ago I was in #banshee chatting and posted a link to an album of some OpenVP screenshots. The developers were interested and asked me if I would try embedding OpenVP in Banshee. I have since submitted a patch that adds an interface that PlayerEngine classes can implement to become…