More optimization

Not creative enough to think of a better title right now…

I just spent almost two hours hacking away at the Banshee visualization pipeline again and made one very important optimization: when the callback function is null (which happens when nobody in managed land is listening for visualization data) the visualization pipeline is effectively disabled. The only element that remains active is a queue, which provides a 5-second buffer so that visualization can be quickly resumed.

The patch is now over at GNOME’s Bugzilla, just waiting. Waiting for Aaron to commit it. Waiting for a chance to prove it’s all grown up now. Hoping to bring joy to audio enthusiasts all around the globe.

Yeah, I did watch Tommy Boy recently. … Why?

5 Replies to “More optimization”

  1. I prefer Firefox just because it’s open-source and supports a wide range of extensions. In addition, Safari does not run on my platform, so I can’t really say I prefer something I don’t use.

  2. Nice to hear you are working on this. With visualisations Banshee is the perfect music okayer for me. Keep it up and hope to see this in Banshee soon! 🙂

  3. You’re the absolute visualization god Chris! 🙂
    Hope your work lands in banshee ASAP.

    Oh, and Thank You for your work so far!

  4. I hope it gets in Banshee soon as well. There are some GStreamer-related issues I’m still sorting out but after that it should be smooth sailing. (In theory anyway.)

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