VPS.NET experiences

I’ve been using VPS.NET as my hosting provider for two years now (since October 2009). Here’s my experience, the good and the bad. The building block of the VPS offering is a node: a discrete unit of CPU time, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. These nodes can be deployed as separate servers, or combined together to…

Gazebo: An AJAX interface to FICS

I’ve been getting back into chess recently, and my favorite online community is the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS). There are a wealth of free and open interfaces available for download, but they all have one thing in common: you have to download them. At my workplace this is a no-no, but over my lunch…

Teh Rainbow Conspiraseez

Saw this video in my reading list today. I don’t know what they put in the water either, but I bet Obama can fix it with his amazing super change-bad-stuff powers!

The new Delicious!

The new version of del.icio.us (complete with a domain name change) was released yesterdayish and looks a lot nicer. Oh, but wait. About two out of three page loads: “Sorry, you’ve been temporarily blocked for accessing Delicious too rapidly.” Did Delicious hire the Twitter engineers, or what?

Three-column CSS layout

There are many established CSS layouts for doing a three-column website. They seem to work pretty well. Perhaps the most popular is the Faux Columns technique. At work we are working on an internal site that requires three columns (or to be more precise, up to two sidebars). I have never been completely satisfied with…