httpd migration complete

I’ve finished the httpd migration process. is now using nginx as its primary httpd, which reverse-proxies to Apache for only a few mod_python and mod_mono web applications. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be trying to eliminate Apache entirely.

httpd and URI-to-site-mapping migration

Over the next week or so I’ll be working on migrating this site from Apache to nginx, as well as altering the way that various URLs map to sites/applications. I will be trying very hard to avoid any service interruptions by fully testing my nginx configuration before replacing Apache, but who knows what might happen….

New email address, new mail system

I’ve already sent out a message to those I contact frequently, but for the rest of you, my email address has changed from to I have decided to migrate away from Gmail for a variety of reasons. I figured I’d use my domain so that I have flexibility in my provider choice. For…

New hosting

I’ve switched this blog to new hosting. Hopefully the only difference you’ll notice is faster load times.

Website statistics

About two weeks ago I started collecting statistics for this website, something I’ve always planned on doing but never actually cared enough to sit down and do. Two weeks doesn’t make for a great sample period but the results are still interesting. Almost 25% of visitors use some version of IE and 44% use Firefox….

Debian Etch released, layla upgraded

Etch has finally been released. I have upgraded layla (the server running this blog) from Sarge to Etch, and the upgrade process was pretty smooth. Only a few things needed manual attention. Quite surprisingly, there weren’t any problems upgrading the kernel to 2.6.18, even though this required replacing hotplug with udev, something I’ve experienced pain…

Well, here it is

Now that the blog is running, expect posts regularly! Well, by regularly I mean every so often. And maybe you shouldn’t expect them or you might be disappointed.