More visualizations

I spent some of Tuesday porting some of my older OpenVP visualizations from XML-serialized scripted effect presets to “real” preset classes, and committed them to Banshee.OpenVP. The results:

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  1. Can the current cover / track / artist be overlayed on top of that? some thing like elisa does

  2. You are of course aware that “visualization” is a much broader term than audio visualization? I get confused every time you post on Monologue :-P. Of course I work with Information Visualization so my eyes are tuned to look for those posts..

    1. @markus: Yes, I’m aware of other uses. In the audio visualization culture though it’s frequently referred to simply as visualization.

  3. @Chris: fyi, in those other cultures it is also frequently referred to simply as visualization? 😉 However, when we release an open source framework we call it “open geo-analytic visualization” and not “open visualization”.

  4. Here I am, discovering Banshee, and realize I need Mono installed. I think, I think Chris had something to do with mono development (?). And then I come across this. Way to go, man.. Way to go.

  5. Actually, yeah it has needed some debugging. It’s tested both my me and others who are using the development trunk of Banshee and who have applied my patch (which has yet to be committed to trunk). Several crashes have already been reported by others and fixed, so hopefully all the serious issues will be ironed out before the release.

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