Almost there

After a few hours of hacking using a wigdet that Michael and a few others pointed me at, I now have a working Banshee.OpenVP extension!

Much work still remains to be done, but what I have is a pretty stable foundation. Both the OpenVP 0.0.1 branch and Banshee.OpenVP are available over at the Google Code repo. They should both be stable enough to test, but since the build system isn’t in place yet I’m not asking the general public to try it out yet. But if you know your way around MD, autotools, and Banshee you might be able to get it working. (Please don’t ask for help with that part yet. If you get it working and hit a bug please let me know though.)

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  1. Looks sweet, was thinking though that maybe the dropbox for the visualization selection would go better on the left hand side of the volume slider or maybe if you could select the visualization from the main window in a similar way to how you have the playback controls appear in full screen mode. But thats not whats important, openvp is being rendered from within banshee….. yippie, rejoice 😀 😛

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