Banshee, meet OpenVP

OpenVP, Banshee.

A week or two ago I was in #banshee chatting and posted a link to an album of some OpenVP screenshots. The developers were interested and asked me if I would try embedding OpenVP in Banshee. I have since submitted a patch that adds an interface that PlayerEngine classes can implement to become a visualization source, and also implements this interface on the GStreamer backend.

Once OpenVP is library-ized there will be a second patch adding an OpenVP extension, which will make Banshee do something like you see in the above screenshot. Probably not exactly as you see it there, since I’ll probably want to “take over” the Now Playing window and render there instead.

Basically what I’m saying is that all the ugly plumbing is done and right now it works. It just needs polish, and hopefully it’ll be ready when Banshee 1.0 is.

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  1. This is probably not the appropriate place to leave you a message for this regard, but I can’t quite find your contact information 🙁 Anyhow, I was searching for the dead space in TwinView solution and saw you were asking the very same question in 2006 as well. I’ve yet to see a solution online, so I was wondering if you had found one?

    Screen shots look awesome by the way 🙂

  2. I haven’t found anything that solves this, and I’ve since reverted to a single-monitor setup for many reasons. Compiz Fusion might eventually give us this if it doesn’t already.

  3. My patch adding a visualization data source to managed land should be committed Real Soon Now and should be in before 1.4. Whether OpenVP will be released with Banshee remains to be seen but if it’s not I will have a downloadable extension available.

  4. Having an openvp plugin in gstreamer [1] might be a good idea. Then several app besides banshee would benefit from it. GStreamer has a libvisual plugin that could be used as a template. Drop me a mail if you are interested or come to #gstreamer on


  5. I already have such an element in the OpenVP.Capture project. But note that this element still requires a window open, or rather an OpenGL context to render to. So it would either be sink-only or would require some hackery to bring the video data to the pipeline without needing to open a window.

    Also, I’m not sure how creating an element that uses Mono would work. If the application using gstreamer also uses Mono then it’s simple enough, but embedding the runtime in a gstreamer element? Not cool.

  6. I was wondering what it would take to convert .milk files (winamp milkdrop presets) to your presets? I would be willing to do the work if i could get a guide.

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