VandalSniper does the watchlist, yo!

It will only be a short while before all of the tabs in VandalSniper are functional! I’ve already implemented the change cache, so the recent changes list is refreshed from the last few edits to be seen on IRC. This makes refreshes instant (except for the diff summary).

Driven by the success of this method, I’ve decided to switch gears with respect to the watchlist tab. Recently I figured out why I was unable to retrieve cookies from the WebControl — it’s document.cookie, not document.cookies. I’ve added yet another parser that, using these cookies, retrieves the articles on the user’s watchlist. This will be stored somewhere, possibly refreshed periodically, and used along the same lines as the sniper tab: if an edit is seen for a watchlisted article, a notification will be displayed and it will be added to the watchlist tab.

A few improvements to the tabbed browsing interface and this is going to be by browser of choice for just browsing Wikipedia!