TF2 item store launched

So I had some free time last weekend and coded an item store for Team Fortress 2. I collect items and sell them for varying prices, usually one scrap metal each. If you’re interested, check out the store!

The store is built on a few components, all written in Python. There is a script to download the TF2 item schema, which includes data such as item names, quality names, item image URLs, and more. I selectively import this data into a table in a PostgreSQL database. Then, another script fetches the contents of my backpack and stores it into another table. One more table references the backpack table, listing the items I currently have for sale and their prices in item quantities (one scrap metal = two items). Finally, a mod_python publisher script fetches this data and renders it as a visually-pleasing item list, all without any client-side JavaScript.

If the store has something you’re interested in, feel free to contact me on Steam! You can add me to your friends list from the store, and I will reply as soon as possible.