This past week SixXS fixed an issue with AYIYA, allowing me to use the IPv6 tunnel I’ve had since May. Aiccu established the tunnel quickly, so I moved the installation over to my server and requested a subnet from SixXS. They approved it in short order and now my home LAN is running IPv6, powered by SixXS, radvd, and a 667MHz server — the same one powering this blog, in fact. Forward and reverse DNS are set up, so this blog, and chrishowie.com email services, are now available on the IPv6 internet.

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  1. hey thats the same i would like to acomplish, i have a sixx tunnel
    and subnet so far and i figured out how to install tuntap and aiccu
    on my minimac. I want to run a darwin streaming server aswell
    on my tunnel when its set up. It would be cool if you could discribe in
    a little “Howto” how you get things up and running.

    thanks take care


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