The laptop I purchased on eBay showed up a few days ago (thanks to a friend who was willing to drive it up from my house). It’s already got Debian Etch running smoothly, and of course XP in case I need it — you know how schools are with Windows. Fortunately I have not needed to boot Windows yet.

Development on the go… fantastic.


  • Intel 2.8gHz CPU.
  • 512mb RAM.
  • 40gb hard disk.
  • 15″ TFT screen, max res. 1024×768.
  • Built-in WiFi (Broadcom 4306).

2 Replies to “Laptop”

  1. I picked up a new lappy recently as well and you’re right. Being able to pop it open and bang out some code is really great. It also allows me to do a lot of work while watching movies or just hanging out that would normally require me to be in my office.

  2. Hey, you should check to see if there is dual 256mb RAM sticks or a 512mb and an open slot. I seriously doubt its the second, but we can always hope!

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