SIFE Consulting

Tonight Anderson University SIFE Consulting held their group competition. My group was responsible for the creation of an ecommerce website for Rivers Resources, a local company that sells among other things ink and toner cartridges at rates below OEM.

I was the lead web developer for the project, and it went smoothly for the most part. The site has not been deployed yet as there is still a little work to be done before the site is ready for production, but the major pieces work. A little polish to the shopping cart and it’ll be ready.

We competed against four other groups. While we did not win, several of the judges told us that it was obvious we did the most work out of all of them, and the Rivers Resources CEO may be hiring several members of our group to expand the website to include some of their other products.

It was a fun project. I got to work with several good friends, and while I enjoyed the experience I am also glad to have one less responsibility.

Update: Our team manager just told us that we placed 2nd. Considering that the group that won used a box of candy as their handout to the judges, that’s not bad!

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  1. Ah… so this is what you needed the suit for! Sounds like it went really well. Do you think Rivers Resources would be a good employer??


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