Kaffeeklatsch teaser

I got Kaffeeklatsch back out of the toy box the other day and started integrating the Affe compiler into it. The goal is to remove Lua entirely, as it’s an unmanaged dependency and has been giving some odd errors as of late, crashing mono after a few seconds.

The SuperScope effect has been completely converted over from Lua to Affe. (Keybindings and the Custom effect are next on the list.) To celebrate this achievement I have posted a teaser video on Google Video. The quality is pretty horrible and there is no audio, but you get the general idea:

There are a few effects you are seeing here:

  • Clear screen is responsible for the slow fadeout to black.
  • The flames, blue scope, and neon lines are all instances of the SuperScope effect with different Affe scripts.
  • The multicolored star is a FountainScope effect.
  • About 13 seconds in I turned the Laser effect on. This instance draws moving black rays from the center.

Every effect is a managed object; SuperScope is the only one in this video that uses user-supplied scripts; the others can have other parameters tweaked from the Gtk# preset designer.

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