Tursiops beta around the corner

I wrote a while ago about a project I had started to develop a universal trainer for Linux. I’ve been intentionally delaying the public release because I wrote it as one of my first C# projects and the codebase was less than maintainable, and probably had a lot of memory leaks. Additionally, the UI was created using Glade and instantiated using Glade#.

I’ve been working over Thanksgiving break to bring it up to par with my other projects. Basically this means a complete rewrite, except for the C glue library. Surprisingly, much of the codebase is identical, but the pieces that have changed have changed dramatically. The UI has been rewritten with MonoDevelop’s Stetic designer, and there should be no major memory leaks. The UI is more streamlined and search speed has been improved. In fact, where it used to use several MB of memory at a time during searching, it should now use next to none.

This is why I haven’t released for over a year. I knew this had to be done first, but I hadn’t got around to it. I expect a beta release by the end of next week. Two more things remain to be implemented: search result narrowing (important) and freezing (less important but still cool).

If I haven’t already said so, the project will be released under the GPLv2.

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