3 Replies to “Chris’ Tasks, now with OpenID goodness”

  1. I’ve been happy with RememberTheMilk (.com) if you are looking for a more robust web task manager. (I’m not affiliated, just trying to be a good neighbor.)

  2. @j23tom: No, I really don’t have any plans to make it free software at this point. It’s mainly a learning exercise for me and I’m sure there are plenty of better free software task managers out there.

    @Max: I’ve been pointed at several other online task managers, and I may consider using them at some point. (In fact right now I’m using my old Palm that I dug up a few weekends ago, which is quite a bit more convenient than a web application.) I’m continuing development on mine just because, well, I can and it can’t hurt. Even if nobody uses it I’ll have learned stuff.

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