Development on hold

Well, this morning while I was packing up my laptop it kind of slipped, and… well…

Yeah, so don’t expect Banshee.OpenVP to be ready for a while.

5 Replies to “Development on hold”

  1. :green:
    Nice White screen of death, I’m lucky, my HP laptop I’ve bought since more than a year for 650 € (AMD turion x2 1.6Ghz/Vista/GeForce Go 7600

  2. Gabriel:

    Yes, it is, but I do most of my development when I’m not in my room and don’t have a monitor readily available. And even then my desk here really isn’t built for that.

    I could run it through my projector though…

  3. “Bob”:

    I’m not going to refuse any, but I found a decent price for a replacement display. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it installed easily once it arrives.

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