Christmas break plans

It’s that time of the year again… when I get to relax after completing finals. It looks like I’m going to pass everything too, which is a pretty big deal since I literally cannot fail any class I’m enrolled in and still graduate in May. So now that I have some time to myself, here’s what I plan to do:

  • Prototype a web application for a Moodle-based tutoring system that I’ve been developing for my university. This really isn’t “me stuff” but I enjoy a good PHP+JavaScript+AJAX coding session.
  • Try to work some more on OpenVP. I recently looked at some of the old visualizations I wrote for Winamp 2’s Advanced Visualization Studio plugin. Wow… OpenVP has some ground to cover. My goal is to port some of my better visualizations (which are loads better than I remembered them being) to OpenVP for the very first release as part of Banshee.
  • Try this again and report the results to C.J..
  • Try the newest PulseAudio with the Flash 10 beta. Hopefully the problems I’ve been having were resolved by now.
  • Ship my defective laptop display back to the eBay seller for a replacement. According to him, having two defective pixels doesn’t qualify for a Dell warranty replacement (four are required — the ‘tards), but he is going to replace it with another from his stock. Seems like a nice guy. He’s got a store on eBay if you feel like browsing.
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot already.

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