Touch-sensitive mice!

I stumbled across this bit of Apple awesomeness today. If you look at the huge splash image, you’ll note this text to the right of the mouse:

Touch-sensitive technology detects right and left click.

Oh? I’m sorry, I was under the impression that you manipulated mice with telepathy, not with touch! What a revolutionary invention!

So here’s the timeline as I see it:

  1. Apple comes out with their first Mac with one mouse button to make things simple, because two buttons on a mouse is too much.
  2. People complain, so they come out with a two-button mouse. People associate those with PCs and hate them.
  3. Some years later, Apple invents a mouse that looks like it has one button but behaves like it has two, due to fancy “touch-sensitivity.”
  4. Apple fanboys everywhere rejoice that they can now do two things with their mouse without being seen with a two-button mouse.

I predict that next year Apple will invent:

  • Touch-sensitive keyboards,
  • precision air-compressing speakers,
  • and light-emitting monitors.

Oh, and by the way, the price tag on that fancy touch-sensitivity? $70.

5 Replies to “Touch-sensitive mice!”

  1. I was so happy to read on and find that ‘awesomeness’ was indeed in the ironic sense of the word.

    I did hold my breath one brief moment though 🙂 Ya know, these fanboys…

  2. Even though I love apple products generally, the mighty mouse truly sucks (at least at a $70 price point). I can’t stand the way it handles secondary clicking. However, I will say that my MacBook has the best trackpad and clicking system on earth, even though it only has one visible button 🙂

  3. Sceriously, the MacBook touch pad is a synaptics touch pad jest like all the other mid to upper end laptops have.

    But you would have to use something other then a Mac to know that…

  4. What makes the MacBook touchpad so excellent isn’t (only) the hardware, but the software. How the trackpad integrates into the operating system with gestures, two-finger movements and such is just incredible and leaves absolutely every other computer in the dust feature-wise.

    The Mighty Mouse is truly awful. It’s possibly the worst piece of hardware Apple has ever created. I always use Logitech (or similar) mice with my Apple computers, because Apple’s mice suck so much.

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