New horizons

There have been many good changes in my life recently. It’s been almost three months since I graduated college, and nearly two since I got married. Well, now I have another for the list.

For two years I’ve been working at Ontario Systems as an intern. The first year and a half were a lot of fun. I was coding PHP and Flex/ActionScript on a team of two other developers (one also my manager). However, I’ve been unable to secure a full-time job offer since graduating and have been continuing work as an intern, which pays enough to cover the bills, but not much more. Additionally, the company’s partnership with Microsoft means that pretty much all of the Linux servers are in the cross-hairs, so to speak. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that my current role of PHP developer and interim Linux sysadmin is not exactly going to be permanent.

Last week I had the privilege of accepting a full-time job offer from Aprimo and will be starting work with them on July 27th. They are also a Microsoft shop, but I will be working on the development team and coding C#, which I’ve been hacking with for some years now. The company looks to be doing well, and the people I’ve met so far have been very friendly and welcoming. The developers I’ve talked to all seem very knowledgeable, and I’m looking forward to working with them.

I’m not sure which I’m excited about more: getting to work at Aprimo, or finally ending my job hunt. Both are pretty cool. I will miss my friends at Ontario Systems (we’ve had some pretty good times) but I am definitely looking forward to the future.

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  1. good job on the job, buddy. i’ve been working with a mighty fine team of C# and Java developers since being out of college also. it is a great experience, and i’m sure yours will be nothing short of awesome as well. keep up the hard work.

    your friend and fellow YOG protocol analyst,

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