Another one bites the dust

Seems my computer decided I’ve hacked enough on WikiBench this week. This morning I smelled something odd, and after checking my email noticed that my CPU temperature was 84C. I usually push 80C when listening to music or watching video, but when it’s been idle 50C is more normal. So I powered down and poked around.

Best guess I can come up with is that the PSU fan died as that part was the hottest. Since that fan is also the main exhaust fan I’m not surprised the CPU was so hot.

I will try to get a new PSU and a new case ASAP since the airflow on this one is terrible. Unfortunately money is a bit short right now. (I am a student, after all…) Hopefully my box will live again soon. In the meantime at least I have my laptop.

2 Replies to “Another one bites the dust”

  1. Yes, but then I have to dust it out frequently… And I think it’s past that being a workable solution right now. 🙂

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