General update

My computer should be working by the end of the week. Turns out the motherboard is dead, so I’m getting a new system: AMD 64 X2 2.8GHz. $347.24 later and let’s hope nothing else fried.

My right wrist is also not working so well. I’m taking an anti-inflammatory and have it in a brace. It feels better today than yesterday but it still hurts to move.

And finally some good news: I have a job! A real, actual, paying job. I’ll be working with Ontario Systems starting on the 13th.

3 Replies to “General update”

  1. What made you choose an AMD X2 based system over a core 2 duo? Price/performance-wise, you can’t beat a C2D currently, not even close. That’s been true since the C2D’s launched and will be until AMD unveil their answer to the C2D (assuming their answer is competitive at this late stage).

    And no, i’m not an intel fanboi. My last 3 computers were all AMD before i went C2D.

  2. is that on an nvidia nforce chipset motherboard?
    I have that system via dell and it does have it’s problems.

  3. @Alan: The price/performance ratio was higher. For the same price as my AMD64 X2 2.8ghz I could have got a C2D 1.8ghz. Seems obvious to me.

    @jojomonkey: It’s either nForce or VIA. My last motherboard was nForce2 based. The new one seems to be working fine.

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